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Ceramic art is one of the world’s oldest arts, with a history dating back an incredible 7,000 years in Greece. The process – which blends water, earth and fire – has spread to other cultures around the world, and today ceramics exist not only as functional object, but as beautiful art pieces. Pottery classes offer endless possibilities, and the final creation is a representation of individual technique and touch. Not only is creating your own ceramic an exciting and rewarding creative process, but the contact with the clay also has profound psychotherapeutic properties. 

Age: 7-12

Ceramics aren’t just for adults: under the guidance of an experienced artist, children have the chance to make their own ceramic masterpieces. Clay easily changes shapes and form, and children’s small hands are the perfect size for pinching, squeezing and modelling clay into small figures or animals. Using slabs, rolling pins and imprinting textures, children learn the unique story of pottery, before painting and firing their own creations.

Age: 12+

During a two-hour session, teenagers have a chance to hear about the history of ceramic art, while using ancient methods to create their own pottery. Artworks such as embossed tiles, masks, jewellery and figures are created by pinching, engraving, sculpting and shaping the clay.

✓  Ceramics and Pottery: 7-12yrs = 16€ per 2hrs session & 13-17yrs= 19€ per 2hrs session  

Reservations Required – Group of max 6 pax per session.