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Wander.... in the world of relaxation and wellness of MarBella Spa!

Feel unique in Royal Spa…. by enjoying our treatments and scents of care products with natural essential oil extracts, restoring balance and wellness to the body and senses!

Enjoy beneficial treatments for the health and the beauty of your skin. Revitalize your body and soul.

Rejuvenate yourself by expressing your inner beauty.....

My Royal MarBellous  treatment for the face and the body will leave your skin smooth and full of glow. It starts with a relaxing full body massage, accompanied by a "honey scrub" exfoliation with pure honey and royal jelly and finishes with an express facial with royal jelly face mask which improves the texture of the skin and nourishes deeply the most demanded skin!

Athletics Nutri  a body massage that combines deep tissue techniques, especially designed for releasing and reducing tension in the muscles. Provides absolute relaxation after your favorite sport or intense workout.  

Phases of the Moon - Imagine tranquility, serenity and relaxation in these settings specially designed for couples… all to treat to an unforgettable spa experience under the full moonlight.